So a lot of you tag your posts with ‘sewing circle’ because i track it and that’s been the system, but lately it’s been telling me there’s new tags but nothing new is showing up. Which is a pain because i don’t know if there are posts from you guys in there or whether it’s just crap from other people that use the tag.

Seeing as we can now directly tag people in our posts with the @ function, it’ll be a million times easier for me to see your sewing related posts if you do that. So you can type @ sewing-circle (without the space) on any posts you want me to see or reblog, that way it comes up in my notifications.

A lot of you already do that, so gold stars for you guys. You can still use the tags as i still check it every time i log on, but this way i get a notification and i don’t have to scroll 60 miles through my dash in hopes of catching anything. So if you’ve posted something sewing related and i haven’t liked or reblogged it, that means i haven’t seen it.

- Kerry

Tote to Messenger Tutorial - Betz White

Design Fixation: Free iPod Case Sewing Tutorial

My iPod holder recently broke, and I’ve been left case-less when I go to the gym. Of course I’m the girl who’s iPod is constantly falling and dangling down in between the elliptical pedals. So I decided that this had to change. I made a fun little raspberry-colored fabric case from supplies I already had lying around the house. And today I’m going to share the tutorial with you!


DIY Bloomin’ Quilt-As-You-Go Panels:
Lovely Tutorial from Let’s Eat Grandpa.


DIY Bloomin’ Quilt-As-You-Go Panels:

Lovely Tutorial from Let’s Eat Grandpa.

Turn a “too big” shirt into a Shirt with a Shirred Band. | Make It and Love It

I snatched this little shirt up and was sure it would fit fine and just be a little flow-y and loose.  But once I got it home, it was loose alright.  And too long.  And really frumpy.  I can’t pass up a good ruffle front (and in coral no less) but my vision was different than how it actually looked on me.  I guess I should have corralled my kids into the dressing room afterall.  Haha.

However, instead of taking it back, I decided that I would change the look of it and cinch in the bottom and create a band of shirring that would sit on my hips.  And then the rest of the shirt could stay loose. But as long as something was cinched in, it would give the shirt some shape.

Full general shirring tutorial here.

Messenger Bag Tutorial and Pattern

I’m on Skype for the next few hours if anyone’s dropping by for group chat.

Running Belt DIY - an Easy Sewing Tutorial

Fast and Easy Pinwheels!

http://missouriquiltco.com - How to make pinwheels for a quilt the easy way!